Y Cross Cas-lai Community Benefit Society Ltd = Registration No. 9002
(“the Society”)


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a GENERAL MEETING of Y Cross Cas-lai Community Benefit Society will be held in: –

Mathry Community Hall, Mathry, Haverfordwest, SA62 5HD
on 27th February 2024 at 7pm

for the purpose of considering the future development activities of the Society to meet its objects and aim, and, if thought fit, passing certain resolutions. The Agenda and Resolutions for the meeting shall be as follows: –


  1. Welcome and consents to proceed with the meeting
  2. Chairman’s Statement
  3. Operations Director Statement
  4. Community Hub Director Report
  5. Election of Directors
  6. Open Discussion on Phase 2

Discussion boards and post it notes will be available for the purposes of active
discussion, collaborative exchange of ideas and to collect perspectives on: –
o How we should refurbish of the pub
o How we should meet our accessibility requirements
o How we should upgrade the kitchen
o How we should launch a high-quality food offering
o How we should create hub services that benefit the whole community

No valid resolutions have been proposed and in accordance with Rule 40, this General Meeting shall not conduct or transact any business other than as specified in these notices calling the meeting and no other voting or resolutions shall be discussed or passed. This notice is dated: 6th February 2024, the Registered Office of the Society is:

Tafarn Y Cross (The Cross Inn), Hayscastle Cross, Haverfordwest, SA62 5PR.

By Order of the Board.
Jacqui Archer
Jacqui Archer, Society Secretary

A member entitled to attend and vote may appoint a proxy to exercise all or any of their rights to attend, speak and vote at a meeting of the Society. A proxy need not be a member of the Society.
A member may appoint more than one proxy in relation to a meeting provided that each proxy is appointed to exercise the rights attached to a different share or shares held by them.
If you wish to use a form of proxy, please contact for the applicable forms as soon as possible and please return them to the same address at least 48 hours before the appointed time of the meeting.